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Are you a fan of Word of Warcraft and want to try some WoW esports betting? You are in the right place! We give you all the matches, odds and betting sites that offers betting on World of Warcraft. Read more about the game, browse the matches and chose a betting site where you want to play.

About World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (also known as WoW) is a multi-player game that gives the user the opportunity to role-play. Created by Blizzard Entertainment, it first appeared in 2004 and has become one of the biggest hits in the gaming world.

There have been several versions of the game since 2004 and it has become one of the most subscribed games in the world of its type. At the start of the game you create your character and this becomes your avatar. You use the avatar to explore the map, fight against monsters and complete your quests. Each avatar will interact with others and develop various skills and abilities. Each player can then choose two main professions such as jewellery making, mining, clothing, enchanting and much more, as well as acquiring other skills such as first aid, cooking or fishing.

There is the option for each player to go on a quest on their own but it is much more common for people to play the game in groups because interaction is a key part of the game. It makes it easier to solve problems when there are others to help. This particular mode for the game is called PVE – Player versus Environment.

WoW Esports

However, in eSport, the game focuses on the PVP system of the game – Player versus Player. Teams can have between two and five players that fights inside an arena. The last team that has a player standing wins. Most people think about battle grounds when WoW PvP is mentioned, but it’s the arena mode that is played in esports and that’s what you can bet on.

World of Warcraft Betting

Those who want to bet on the World of Warcraft eSports tournaments can bet on match winners, the outright winners, the specials or future market or even the handicap market. This mainly applies to PVP mode but there are also some options for betting on the PVE mode. PVE has yet to gain the same popularity as PVP for betting enthusiasts. The easiest bets are the match winners bets – you only have to decide who the winner of the match is going to be. Odds are given to each team so you can easily see which is the favourite but some like to bet before the tournament on the overall winner.

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