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World of Tanks, or simply WoT, is a popular multiplayer game, featuring combat vehicles of the early to mid-20th century, including tanks, self-propelled artillery, and tank destroyers. In an industry that is awash with shooters and MOBAS, WarGaming, the developer of World of Tanks, has been banking on this game as one of its primary products. The game, whose gameplay is centered around vehicle-based combat and player versus player competitions, has amassed a legion of passionate players, in excess of 60 million, around the world, over the last eight or so years. You will also find dozens of professional teams participating in WoT tournaments across the regions of the world.

Game Objectives

You will need to accomplish two objectives in every WoT combat. The first objective is to destroy all opponent vehicles. The second objective is to capture the opponent’s base, which requires a threshold of 100 points.

Rules of the Game

A typical WoT match is a competition between two teams, where each team contains seven players, and each side can have up to four reserve players. A team is required to defeat the opponents in a series of matches known as the Best of Five, or Bo5. The first team to win three games will win the match. Each match lasts 10 minutes, and if none of the teams manages to capture the opponents’ base or destroy all the opponent players after the match duration, the team with the most tier points (depending on the surviving tanks) becomes the winner of the match. In the event of a tie, i.e., if none of the teams meets at least one of the two game objectives during the match, the teams will be allowed a 10-minute break to reshuffle their strategies and come back for a rematch.

All competitive matches in WoT esports take place on a carefully created pool of randomly rotating maps. Currently, the pool of maps includes Steppes, Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Ruinberg, Prokhorovka, and Lakeville.

WoT Esports Tournaments

Like many other gaming publishers, WarGaming comes up with tournaments for its players. In the case of WoT, the company has established League to allow for competitive gaming. As of 2019, the league runs qualifiers in five regions of the world, including Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. League operates on a ladders system, which features several different tiers. These tiers include Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Open. Each of these tiers represents a skill level of the teams. Of course, there are minor differences in terms of how each region runs its qualifiers, but the basics are the same across the regions. Each league season consists of two phases and a series of finals.

Where to Bet on WoT

Dozens of betting sites have opened the doors for betting enthusiasts to place bets on WoT tournaments. If you’re looking for a sportsbook that provides betting markets on WoT tournaments, here are some of them:
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