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100% up to €1000
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Vainglory is one of several e-sports games which give betting enthusiasts some real enjoyment from their activities. Here, you will learn more about this game, along with all the gambling information you need to have a good betting experience.

About the Game

The esports video game of Vainglory was developed and published by Super Evil Megacorp and was released in late 2014. It is a multiplayer game, where the action takes place in an online battle arena. It can be enjoyed and played across several different platforms such as Windows, Macintosh, macOS, Android and iOS.

Gameplay and Objectives

The objective of the game is for a team to try and destroy the other team’s Vain Crystals, which is their main base. Along with this, the teams have to destroy a variety of different enemy turrets, as well as enemy heroes and minions.

The game begins by each team starting at opposite ends of the map. A lane connects the two bases, and each side has to try and get to the other team’s base. One of the many exciting challenges will be to get through the jungle which is before each team. A team is made up of three players, and each player will control a specific hero. There are 33 heroes in total in the game. Each of the heroes has its own set of abilities and characteristics.

Esports Rules

Vainglory has gained a lot of popularity in the community tournaments, which are carried out on a global basis.

Competitive Rules

The producers of this game have put set rules in place for the competitions. The rules include being only able to compete in the game on a competitive level with the use of tablets or smartphones. Simulators are not allowed.

Vainglory Premier League

In 2018, the Vainglory Premier League featured the Vainglory 5V5 as the official competitive game mode.

  • Preseason: Three matches were played per day. Teams played in a single full round robin. Eight teams were featured.
  • Season One: Held during the summer of 2018. Split one was comprised of eight weeks followed by a midseason playoff. Split two ran for eight weeks with a season end playoff.
  • Season Championships: The most significant change to take place in 2018 was the end of the Unified Championships. The new rules dictate that every region now has to compete in their own regional championships. Each of the top six teams in each region will get to compete for a chance to participate in the world championships. Winners of the regions are determined by the accumulated overall point standing.

Vainglory Championship

For the 2018 Championships, four teams battled it out in the game of Vainglory for the world championship title. The championship format was based on double elimination. Each of the series which were played was the best of the three. The prize pool was $30000 and was split among the four teams depending on their placement.

Betting Information

Vainglory is quickly becoming one of the favorite esports games to bet on by betting enthusiasts. There are several top quality sports betting sites which give the opportunity for betting on Vainglory. Click on the tab with “Betting sites” and you’ll find all sites that offers Vainglory betting.

Betting Options

Once a bettor has a general understanding of how Vainglory is played, they will have more insight as to how to place their bets. Some of the current options for betting choices are:

  • Series Winner: Bettors can choose which of the two teams will be the victor. It will be out of the best of three, except in the grand finals or challenge battle, which will be the best of five.
  • Map Winner: A bet can be placed on which team will win a specific map.
  • Speciality Bets: Map winning is one form of speciality bet, but there are others, such as the number of kills, a specific type of kill or first blood drawn for example.

Betting Strategies

Knowing all of the many various ins and outs of the game is important for the bettor. Also, knowing who the best players are, and what they are good at, will help with the betting decisions.


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