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We offer you everything you need for betting on Super Smash Bros. Here you find all the matches, odds and the betting sites that offers the game. Learn more about the game, how it works and find a betting site that gives you a nice bonus for when you bet on Super Smash Bros.

Nintendos battleship among esports games

One of the most popular video games, Super Smash Bros takes some of the most famous Nintendo characters and allows the players to compete against each other. You could say that this is Nintendos battleship of all games and that’s the reason all Nintendo fans loves it and why it has become a popular esports game.

What is Super Smash Bros?

Super Smash bros is different to other eSports games in that it is a fighter platform rather than MOBA or FPS game. There are 4 different Super Smash Bros games played with the popular Nintendo characters such as Mario, Kirby and Captain Falcon. As an eSport it has been around for more than 10 years making it one of the longest running eSports that remains highly popular today. Those that became familiar with the characters as children are still happy to play the games many years later as adults.

Betting on Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros games are rarely featured in sports books, even those dedicated to eSports betting, however, the number of professional players of the game are increasing, so it is likely that Super Smash Bros games and tournaments will show up more regularly in the future.

Each super Smash Bros game is different, but the basics remain the same. You can bet up to 100 coins before the start of the game. The coins would be automatically taken from the account as soon as the match starts (so you can’t change your mind if you lose). When you win you get the expected pay out multiplied by the amount you originally bet. Pay out is also contingent on the number of players. This pay out goes back into your coin account which you can then use to place another bet.

Bonus chances happen too, which is really the only way to turn any profit on the game, and you could win:

  • Sticker bundles of either 10, 20 or 45 stickers (Small, Medium and Large bundles)
  • A trophy
  • Double winnings
  • Triple winnings (up to a maximum of 999 coins)
  • A CD, if there were any songs left to unlock at this stage

With the range of betting options available on this game, most users will not be disappointed if they want to take advantage of eSport games.


Written by Jarhead

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