Starcraft 2 betting

Starcraft 2 is the biggest real-time strategy(RTS) esport title around today.  Here we will talk about the game and what look out for when looking for Starcraft 2 betting. The biggest tournament organizers as of now are ESL and AfreecaTV along with the developer Blizzard. We give you betting sites, odds, matches and much more.

About the game

Starcraft 2 is as we mentioned an RTS game, developed by Blizzard and released in July 2010. Just like in the original game Starcraft 2 consists of three races, Terran, Protoss and Zerg fight for galactic dominance. The game has since release received two expansions, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the void. The expansions added new single-player campaigns as well as new units for multiplayer.  Legacy of the void currently being the version which all esports takes place on and thus the version that is relevant to look at regarding Starcraft 2 betting.

Esport rules

Starcraft 2 is, just like its predecessor,  mainly played in the 1 v 1 mode. Each player picks their race and starts out on one of many maps with only a base building and a few worker units. The game ends when either one player gives up or when all buildings are destroyed.

Tournaments normally start out with a group phase to end up in a single elimination bracket. Matches are played in best of 1, 3, 5 or 7 maps. Maps vary from tournament to tournament.  Different maps are believed to favour different races, making it a very important factor when trying to predict Starcraft 2 betting.

Betting information

Finding Starcraft 2 bets is easy due to most betting sites that offer esports betting also offers Starcraft 2 betting. The fact that Starcraft 2 still receives frequent balance updates makes it very important to keep up to date the current state of the game.

Betting sites

As we mentioned above, most esports betting sites do indeed offer Starcraft 2 betting. Since most matches are played in a bo3 format they almost exclusively offer moneyline bets. Most sites also offer the bets just one to two days before the match is played, so it can be good to keep an eye on the betting sites daily to be sure you don’t miss any bets.