Starcraft betting

Here you will find the basics of Blizzards first big esports title Starcraft. We will also go through what to think about when looking for good value Starcraft betting, and which betting sites are the best to keep an eye on doing so.

About the game

Starcraft is a RTS (real time strategy) game that consists of three races. Terran, Protoss and Zerg that wage war against each other. Blizzards biggest RTS was released in March 1998, soon to become the world’s first big esports title. Starcraft quickly grew incredibly popular in South Korea. One could even say it has become somewhat of a national esport there. They have since dominated the competitive scene for the more than two decades it has been considered an active esport.

The expansion called Starcraft: Brood war was released in late 1998 and has since then been the version of choice for major competitions. Late 2017 when Starcraft: Remastered was released. Starcraft: remastered is a graphically enhanced version of the game, besides that and some better spectator features. It is essentially the same game and does not have to be taken into account when looking into Starcraft betting.

Starcraft is to this day, mostly active in, as well as dominated by, South Korea.

Esport rules

Starcraft is mainly played in a 1 vs 1 setting where both players are free to pick one of the three races. Each player starts out with only a few worker units and one home base building. The goal is to gather resources and expand one’s technology and army while outwitting the enemies attempt to do the same.

Different tournaments apply different rules when it comes to group and playoff stages. Most commonly a tournament starts out with a group phase where groups of 4 players battle for the top 2 spots. Followed by a single elimination bracket. Matches can be played best of 1, 3, 5 or 7 maps. With maps varying between tournaments, as well as replacing them from season to season.

Betting difficulties

When trying out Starcraft betting it can be hard to find good information on players current shape is due to most Starcraft content is being published in Korean. Along with the fact that there are three different races in the game. Here it is important to realize the races all play  very differently against each other. This is making it is very dangerous to assume that because player A beat player B, who in his turn beat player C, player C  then would stand no chance against player A. Maps can also be considered to severely favour a certain race matchup. Making it is very important to read up on these aspects when looking for good value in a Starcraft betting.