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Here you find everything about betting on SMITE esports. We give you all the matches, odds and the betting sites that offers SMITE betting.

About the game

SMITE is known as a multi-player online battle arena, also referred to as a MOBA, and people from all over the world take part.

The game involves two teams, each with five players. The aim is to destroy the base of the enemy. Skills and tactics are required as the game includes characters that are player-controlled and minions that are not controlled by any player.

The teams start out at opposite ends of the map and each have their own base. They are connected by three lanes, each has two towers and a Phoenix. The players have to try to dismantle the enemy’s towers, while taking out their Titan and at the same time stopping the other team from doing just that at your end of the map.

The game can be played on a variety of platforms including Xbox One and Play Station 4. There was a Windows version released, among other platforms, making this game available to most players no matter what medium they were using to play.

Players have to choose a God to start the game with and there are more than 90 including Celtic, Roman, Greek, Norse and Hindu gods, among others. Each of the Gods has a different attack and abilities that dictate their performance in the game. Players on the same team will be choosing different gods, giving them different abilities.

SMITE and eSports

The aim of SMITE was to use eSports. The first world championship for the game was held in 2015 at Hi-Rez Studios. Teams from all over the world competed and there was a prize pool that totalled $2.6 million. This was eSports third-highest prize at the time. The following year the prize pool was much smaller, because eSports wanted to be able to pay out prizes at more events.

Betting on SMITE

All of the main SMITE competitions are covered on numerous betting sites. Those who want to place a bet can choose from different betting markets. It is a rather popular game as fans support different teams in tournaments such as the world championship.


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MOBA - Multiplayer online battle arena

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