Rocket League

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About the game

Rocket league is developed by Psyonix and was released on PC and PS4 in 2015, and since then it has also been released on Xbox one, macOS, Linux as well as the Nintendo Switch. Rocket league is a unique game where two teams control three cars each, the goal is to score goals on the opponents. It’s literary 3 v 3 soccer, but with cars that can fly.

Esports matches are usually played in best of three or five matches, where the team with the most goals after 5 minutes wins.

Betting difficulties

The hardest part with Rocket league betting is to keep up to date with who the best teams are, there are rarely big upsets. This is making it very hard to find interesting odds and beat the betting sites edge. This makes our site very valueable since you can always see which site offers you the best odds on a certain team in any match.