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Here we will talk about the biggest Battle royal game that currently offers betting; Player unknown’s Battleground, or as it’s mostly called Pubg. We will summarize what Pubg is and what to think about when looking for Pubg betting.

About Playerunknown’s Battleground

Pubg is a Battle royal first-person shooter developed by PUBG Corporation and Bluehole Studio. After a long Early access period, it was finally released in December 2017. So what is a Battle royal game? It’s defined by a game mode that consists of a fairly short round with a big amount of players(usually around 100).

PUBG gameplay

The game starts with all players flying over the map, choosing when to jump out of an aeroplane skydiving to choose their starting position. Everyone starts without any gear, so the first objective is to try to scavenge the map and find gear to help with the main goal, to be the lone survivor. Every player only has one life, and active part of the map is always shrinking, forcing combat to a single end part of the map. The game modes normally consist this concept, with the variation of players playing alone or in squads of two or four.

Esports rules

The current esports game mode setting of Pubg is squads of four that battle it out. The fact that many squads(often 20) battle it out makes the winner of a round extremely variance heavy. This has evolved into Pubg esports being played with a points system with many rounds. Where squad kills and round finishes give different amount of points, resulting in a scoreboard where the definite placings are decided after up to 8 total rounds. This still has resulted in very high variance results of tournaments, making it very hard to find safe bets when doing Pubg betting.

Betting difficulties

Besides what we mentioned above, one of the biggest challenges is to find out which teams are favoured to do well, is the fact that there simply is not that many tournaments to be found yet. Along with the fact that you will have up to 20 different squads to bet on in a single tournament. Battle royal games betting will always be more difficult to find the winners in compared to more traditional esports, but that also means that if you do find the winner, the odds will most likely be a lot higher than in traditional esports betting.

Stay updated on esports betting tips to get a good idea of what to bet on.


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