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We offer esports betting tips for the most popular games on the betting market. Jump on the backs of our experience esport players and betting profiles to increase your chance to nail your bets. Simply follow our tips and predictions to get inspiration and to increase your ROI of your betting.

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Our experienced tipsters

Get tips from experience players and esport gamblers

Why should you follow our betting tips and advices? What makes us experts? These are probably questions that pops up your head, and fair enough!

If you have knowledge from the world of esports, you will probably recognise our betting tipsters and advisors. We have experts from each of the biggest games that are or has been active esport players themselves in that particular game. Some of our tipsters are also active and successful esport betters that share their knowledge, experience and predictions with you.

So what do you get from it? We have a cooperation with the betting sites that we recommend on our website and we obviously get a commission for each and every player that we send. But our quality and your success is obviously our priority, otherwise you won’t come back right?

Predictions and advices

Knowledge and experience is key to finding the sweet spots

Our betting tips is about finding the sweet spots in each and every game. It’s about analyzing the teams, their performance, their current form and much more. Experience and knowledge about the teams and the games is the key to finding these sweet spots and that’s our strength.

We don’t just state the obvious, we also try to find the possibilities to nail the higher odds and to find the games where the underdog has a good chance of winning. We have been there, we have done that and we have the experience and the knowledge to find these sweet odds and bets for you.

Responsible betting

Are you old enough and a responsible gambler?

First of all you have to be at least 18 years of age or higher depending on which country you live in. Esportsbetting and all kind of gambling is a lot of fun and exciting in many ways. But there are also risks with it that can easily put you in a tough economical situation. It’s very important that you mind your finances and that you do not play for more then you can afford to lose.

Betting of all kind can also be highly addictive and like all kinds of addictions, you can’t always help yourself when you take bad decisions. But there is help for you if you need it! if you feel that you are losing control over your betting and that you stake and lose more then you can afford, then you have a problem.

The first step is to contact the betting site where you are playing, in order for them to help you to limit your stakes. If that doesn’t work, you should contact your local addiction centre that can help you get control of your addiction. Gambling addiction is unfortunately a common problem for many people and there is nothing wrong or weird with seeking help.


Written by Jarhead

Jarhead is the founder of and works as a marketing specialist withing iGaming. This guy grew up with gaming and experienced the very first hits on iconic SEGA, Nintento NES, Commodore 64/128, Atari, Amiga 500 and gaming on his very first PC - a 286 beast where he ruled in Ultima V. Jarhead's favourite games and skills are in Overwatch, Rocket League and Hearthstone.

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