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NBA2K has grown to become a popular eSport on the tournament scene in recent years. Its popularity in the console gaming market, (at least in the US and Canada), and similarity to a real-world sport has also made it a popular choice for esports gamblers. Real world sports games such as NBA2K have a distinct advantage over other genres, such as first-person shooters, since the gambling markets which already exist for their real-world counterparts, can be easily replicated for the esports equivalent. This is undoubtedly what appears to have happened in the case of NBA2K, and, as a result, there is now a growing esports betting market for the game.

What is NBA2K?

NBA2K is a simulated basketball game based on real-world NBA franchise teams. The game was first published by the Japanese company Sega in 1999 before the franchise was taken over by specialised developer 2K Sports in 2005. It is a fast moving and accurate simulation of basketball, which has built up a very loyal following over the years.

The NBA2K League

As well as individual championships, 2K Sports also operates the NBA2K league. This is the first time that an American professional sports league has got involved in the world of esports. Teams are managed directly by the NBA franchises, and each features five esports players. The league began in 2018 and means that there is a massive amount of data on team performance available before the start of each championship. This makes it easier for esport gamblers to analyse recent performance, and be confident in the bets which they are making.

NBA2K Betting Markets

As with all esports games, there are many different betting markets available when it comes to NBA2K. The most common and most straightforward to understand is the match winners’ market. This involves weighing up which of two teams is most likely to win an individual match and staking your money accordingly. This works similarly to real-world basketball games; some bookmakers even offer in-play markets, which allow you to make a bet after the game has actually started, and which continually offer changing odds based on the performance of each team so far. You may also find that you have the option to cash out your bet before the game has actually completed, taking a proportion of your winnings, and ending the risk that you could lose it all, should the course of play suddenly change.

The next option is the futures market. This involves gambling on the outcome of a League or Championship. The main advantages of this market, compared to the match winners’ option, is that payouts can be much higher. Again, you have the option of cashing out your bet early with some bookmakers, if you’ve already made a good amount of money or are worried that your luck may be about to turn against you.

Finally, you have the option of making an accumulator bet. This is an excellent way of generating very high returns from a relatively low initial stake. Essentially, you choose a line of several matches to bet on, each with different start times. If the bet you make on the first match is successful, the winnings will immediately be invested in the second. Obviously, if this pays off, you’ll have a very high payout, but if any of your matches don’t work out, all of your stake will be immediately lost. This is an option for the confident gambler with experience of NBA2K.

The new NBA2K league means that this is an exciting and growing market for the esports gambler; it’s a great introduction to the world of esports and a tremendous new opportunity for the experienced player.

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