League of Legends betting

Here you find everything about betting on LoL – League of legends. See betting sites, matches, odds and betting tips.

About the game

League of Legends is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game that was released in October 2009 by Riot Games. The game currently features 140 champions. Currently, it’s one of the most popular esport titles, which means there are always games to find when looking for LoL betting!

Gameplay and objectives

In every match, there are two teams of five players each. The teams fight on a mostly symmetrical map with various objectives: enemy buildings, jungle camps, boss-like monsters, all of which provide certain advantages to the team that takes them. There are three lanes on the map, top, middle and bottom. Both teams have three towers each on every lane and each team’s objective is to destroy the opposing team’s most important building: the nexus. Every game starts with a ban/pick phase, in which the teams ban and pick 5 champions each.

After that is finished, the game begins, where teams, with all champions being at level 1 begin to face each other in all the lanes. Players try to get the last hit on enemy minions so that they can finish them off and earn gold for it, with which they can buy items to either improve their statistics, abilities or add new abilities. They also earn experience for being nearby enemy units, when those get killed, and that allows players to level up and in turn make them stronger. In general, the teams both try to win fights with the enemy team and then take an objective, like a boss or an enemy building.

Esports rules

LoL’s yearly tournament circuit consists of spring regional tournaments, followed by a midseason invitational, summer regional tournaments and is finished with the most important: World championship.

The regional events are split into five regions:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Korea
  • China
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong

High placements in regional events grant points, two teams with the highest amount of points from each region qualify to the world championship group stage, places 3-6 in each region participate in regional finals, where the winner qualifies to the world championship play in, aside from winners of Korean regional finals, who qualify straight to the group stage. In 2017 there were twelve teams in the play-in stage – four teams from regional finals and eight from Brazil, CIS, Japan, LAN, LAS, Oceania, SEA, and Turkey. Four top teams of the Play-in stage qualified to the group stage.

The world championship format is as follows:

  • Play-in stage 1 – 12 teams, all matches best-of-one in a double round robin format, top two teams in each out of four groups go to play-in stage 2.
  • Play-in stage 2 – 8 teams, all matches best-of-five, teams are paired randomly, winner of each match advances to the group stage, losers eliminated.
  • Group stage – 16 teams split into four groups, all matches best-of-one in a double round robin format, top two of each group advance to the knockout stage, rest eliminated.
  • Knockout stage(playoffs) – 8 teams, single elimination, all matches best-of-five.

Betting information

League of Legends has a very active esports scene, hence there are pretty much always games to bet on, be it higher or lower tier. A lot of games are fairly predictable, so the odds might reflect that by not being very high, however, there still are times where the odds don’t reflect the actual winning chances of teams, so there’s still a possibility of making decent money in LoL betting.