How to use bonuses in esports

How to use bonuses in esports

Published 2021-04-21 22:35

Esports betting is an exciting way to spend your time and earn some extra money. Esports betting platforms often offer new players welcome bonuses to attract more users and this also gives the new users an opportunity to get introduced to the sports betting platform. When getting started with esports, it’s important to know how the bonuses function and why they are useful after all.


What are bonuses?

Bonuses can be in many forms in esports but usually, they come in form of money or free spins you can use on the casino platform. However, there are usually conditions that limit the use of the bonuses since the casino platforms won’t give out their resources for free. Normally there is a time limit on how long you are allowed to use a bonus or how many free rounds you can have per day. There usually is also a limit of how many times the bonus money has to be recycled in the games before you can withdraw any money.

In case you want to learn about the bonuses in Swedish online casinos, you can look up There you will get a broad overview of various possibilities.


When do you get bonuses?

Bonuses are usually given to new players on an online casino platform to introduce the website to them and potentially make them stay. Sometimes bonuses will also be given as a present to loyal players who have been using the platform regularly.
Even if you don’t automatically get bonuses on an esports platform, you can ask for them from customer support. The platforms usually want to get new customers which is why they would provide bonuses to you.


How to use them in esports?

If you’re new to esports, it’ll be useful to look into the various ways you can use bonuses since they will benefit you as you get started. Different platforms will offer you different opportunities so it’s important that you find out the best ones for the specific sport you plan to bet on. Esports is a special form of gambling and the bonuses are also used in a special way. As usual, you will get the bonus in the form of money which you can use to bet on a certain form of sports. The money has to circle in the sports betting game a few times before you can actually withdraw it.


Also, there is often a time limit during which you have to use the bonus or that you can use it only on specific matches or tournaments. These limits are applied so that the bonus functions as it’s supposed to function: as a bonus. You won’t get access to all the services on the esports platform before paying.


If you are already passionate about a certain sport or you just know a lot about it, it’s smart to start with betting in that sport. Also, it’s usually easier to start with team sports since the chances of betting right and the odds are smaller. There are only two teams you can choose from in team sports and the odds depend on how tight the match is going to be. You can also use sports betting tips to help with starting your journey with sports betting so you are more likely to succeed.


Why are bonuses useful?

Bonuses are especially useful for people who have thought about trying sports betting but haven’t tried it because you have to invest money in it. With bonuses, you can give it a try and see how the online casino platform functions and how to make better bets. There are not many free sports betting platforms available so this enables you to try it for free and then you can decide whether you continue betting in sports and whether you decide to invest money in the game.



Using bonuses is very essential if you want to try sports betting for free and decide which kind of platform you want to use to invest money on. As you practice on different platforms you also get better at betting and might even earn money from your successes. Bonuses will benefit you no matter what your goal in sports betting is.


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