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Wanna bet on esports and on HoN – Heroes of Newerth? Here you’ll find everything you need to start betting on the game and to find the best bonuses. We give you the matches, odds and betting sites that offers betting on Heroes of Newerth.

What is Heroes of Newerth?

Released in 2010, Heroes of Newerth is a multiplayer online battle arena game (or MOBA) which is basically a game played online with many other players. These players can be from anywhere in the world. The game can be played on Windows, Mac or Linux and was created by S2 Games. There are currently over 3 million registered players which means it is one of the biggest MOBA games being played today. It is played as a third person point of view, so you get a bird’s-eye view of the playing field, yourself and other players as you navigate the game.

How to Play

The game is played with 2 teams made up of 2-10 players. The two teams are Hellbourne and Legion and they start from different areas of the playing field, with the main idea of the game being to destroy the opponents’ main building before they destroy yours, or by getting the other team to surrender, therefore forfeiting the game to your team.

There are different modes to play in, for example, if you opt for co-op mode you can play with other players or instead choose bots to play with you against the other team. There are a massive 132 characters to choose from prior to playing, each with special skills. You cannot switch character during the match, but you can choose a different character for each new match.

Betting on HoN

There are big tournaments run throughout the year with many other smaller tournaments held on a regular basis. It is possible to bet on these tournaments through eSports betting sites such as Pinnacle or Bet365. Some of these sites have dedicated eSports sites and offer great odds on a variety of eSports games.

There are a range of ways to bet on HoN, not just on the outcome. Depending on the betting site you choose, you have a range of betting options. Perhaps you can try and predict which team can get the first 5 kills, then there are betting sites that will offer good odds on that.

Tips: Read our betting guide if you don’t know how to bet on esports.


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