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If you are looking for some exciting gaming action, then you will want to consider betting on Halo. Here you will learn more about the game and all you need to know to become a confident gambler on this particular esport.

About the Game

Halo holds a reputation for being one of the first esports to grow rapidly in popularity as its original release took place in 2001. The latest release of the game is Halo 5. While this esport faces some stiff competition, it is holding its own against its competitors. It has gained some renewed interest recently and its makers intend for it to bask in this newly reclaimed spotlight.

Gameplay and Objectives

The objective of the game is based on the chosen mode of play.
The game is based on the first-person shooter experience. It is a multiplayer game and it has an exciting concept to it. Players take on the role of the Spartan soldier character and then proceed with their gameplay through the eyes of their chosen character. There will be times when the screen switches to a third person view which adds to the intrigue. To keep the game interesting, Halo 5 has five multiplayer game types.

  • Strongholds: In this version of 4 on 4, victors need to capture the territories that are marked.
  • Capture the flag: Here, players have the task of captured the opposing team’s flag while making sure they protect their own.
  • Assault: Players must be successful in delivering a bomb to the enemy if they want to come out the victors of this match.
  • Breakout: Here there are a gruelling five rounds to be played. The team that achieve a win of five rounds will be victorious.
  • Team Slayer: This is comprised of a death match which means a team must get the highest number of kills per match.

Esports Rules

Halo has a complete set of rules that must be followed for the Halo World Championships. This is comprised of a rule book that outlines specific rules for each of the following categories beginning with the introduction:

  • Region Definitions
  • Player Eligibility
  • Roster Rules
  • Coaches
  • Competition format
  • Prize money
  • Tournament formats
  • Maps and Games Modes
  • Warnings and Penalties
  • Important Links

While watching and having the chance to bet on a number of exciting Halo tournaments the biggest thrill comes from the World Championships. The participants are determined by qualifiers which in 2018 were based on:

  • The Orlando Open – North America
  • European Open Regional Final – United Kingdom
  • ANX Open Regional Final – Australia
  • LATAM Open Regional Final – Mexico
  • NA Regional Finals – North America
  • HALO WC Finals – North America

The prize pools for the Halo World Finals is huge. In 2017 it was one million dollars.

Betting Information

Those that enjoy betting on esports will have plenty of sports betting sites to enjoy placing bets on their favorite Halo tournaments. Some of the major sports betting platforms offering this opportunity are:

  • Betonline
  • Pinnacle
  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • William Hill
  • Betsson
  • Circanebet

There may be different options for betting on Halo. One of the most straightforward is betting on the team that is going to win a particular match. Other options may be to bet on the number of kills throughout the tournament or who strikes the first kill. Bookmakers will determine the types of betting that are available and the odds closer to the time of the tournaments.

Betting Strategies

Those who are going to place bets on a Halo tournament are first going to want to familiarize themselves with the game play. By having an understanding of this it will help to do further research into the players pertaining to their skills.

Learning more about the teams participating is another good step. Watch for changes in the team players.

Following different tournaments will help a gambler learn more about the individual players as well as the teams as a whole.


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