now with personalized feed for esports now with personalized feed for esports

Published 2022-07-31 02:06

Launched as late as 2016, is already one of the leading, esports-focused betting sites, globally. The rapid growth in the esports betting industry has as we see it, been achieved by developing a complete and more advanced betting product for esports, with perhaps the widest coverage of esports events. is a highly recommended betting site and our favourite at, by offering wide esports coverage and valuable features that few others can compete with. And it gets even better, with announcing a new unique feature.


A smarter platform for a better user experience

To improve the user experience, even more, the betting platform at now includes, what they call, a “smart” personalized feed. This is an interest-based feature that aims to automatically make it easier for users to find esports matches that they want to bet on. It’s basically an algorithm that monitors each individual customer and their behaviour on the site, by recording esports events, matches and teams that the user shows interest in.

The recorded user data makes it possible to show personalized content on the betting site that creates a faster and more relevant user experience.


Find Your bets in just a few seconds

By adding this algorithm to their betting platform,  the user gets a tailored list of esports events and matches that they are interested in. According to, it takes just a few seconds to find what you are looking for and to place your bets, from that you literally enter the betting site.


“We are constantly working to improve GG.BET and add new services. Personalization will help to bring us closer to betting and esports fans, wherever they are in the world. This is a way for us to close the gap between us and our customers and I am certain that the betting community will appreciate what we’ve done.”Dmitry Voshkarin, CEO of GG.BET


Check the video below and head over to where you can already try out the new feature and see how it adapts to your own personal preferences.


100% up to €200


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