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Gears of War is comprised of a series with the latest version being the fourth release. It is quite popular throughout Europe. Here you will find an overview of this game and the opportunities for betting on it during the various competitions that are played.

About the Game

In 2006 Gears of Wars was introduced as one in a series and the latest version was released in 2016. It has a great competitive circuit which provides some great betting options for gaming enthusiasts.

Gameplay and Objectives

Gears of War is a third-person shooter series of games. With the latest release taking place in 2016 with Gears of War 4. It can be played as a single player or in multiplayer mode. Up to eight players can participate in this mode. The objective of the game is to move through a series of battles victoriously to bring an end to the genocidal enemy and save those who live on the planet Sera.

There are five campaigns that can be carried out in the game. The competitive gameplay can consist of four on four. Although single players can compete against another single player going through the five campaigns. The campaigns are rated by difficulty.

Skills for being successful in the gameplay is based on learning how to use the weapons as well as how to use available cover in tactical ways. The number of weapons that can be carried consist of a pistol, one choice from the grenades and two of the other available weapons. Throughout the gameplay, the weapons can be swapped for other weapons found in specific locations.

Esports Rules

Gears of War has a complete handbook that encompasses all of the rules that come with the competitive play of this game. The rules include:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Who is eligible to compete
  • Team and Player Restrictions
  • Settings for Competitions
  • Structure of Competitions
  • Media
  • Coverage for travel
  • Rules and conduct violations

The rules and regulations outlined in the official Game of Wars handbook is applicable to every team, team owners and managers along with players and substitutes participating in Gears Pro Circuit events.

There is a long list of some great tournaments that are held for Gears of War. These include:

  • Gears Pro Circuit
  • MLG Columbus
  • MLG Las Vegas
  • Gears New Orleans
  • Gears Pro Circuit Atlantic Vity
  • Gears Pro Circuit Las Vegas
  • Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City
  • Gfinity London
  • Gears Pro Circuit New Mexico
  • Gears Pro Circuit Paris

In 2018 The Gears Pro Circuit and Halo Championship series united for a great esports event in New Orleans. The event was comprised of standalone games that ran simultaneously at the New Orleans Convention Center.
The Gears Esports Pro Circuit in 2018 had the opportunity to compete for $250,000. In prize money.

Betting Information

There are several online betting platforms that offer those who like to bet on e-sports the chance to bet on Gears of War. These include:

  • Betway
  • G.G. Bet
  • VulkNBet

Betting on Gears of War

Every e-sports game usually has its own set of strategies to be utilized for the best possible outcome on the bet. Gears of War is still relatively new so new strategies are always surfacing. Some that can be utilized now are:

  • Look at the odds for each team. Those who have the most and the best are ones to be considered for the bet.
  • Betting on the outsiders: For risk-takers betting on the outsiders is definitely an option. It is a risk that could pay off with a larger win.
  • Betting on the Championship: Most bettors like to focus on the team that has been the strongest throughout the playing season.

With the progression of new versions of Gear of War, it will certainly continue to continue to increase the betting opportunities for those who enjoy some great betting action.


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