Top esports games you can bet on

Are you interested in esports betting and want to know more about which games you can bet on? Here we list the biggest esports betting games in the world and the different categories of games that betting sites offer odds for. From here, you can go to each game, read more about it and see the best betting sites that offer odds for placing bets on the games.

The Biggest Esports Games

In 2020 there was an estimated 200+ million esports enthusiasts worldwide. The most-watched event of this type was the 2021 Free Fire World Series in Singapore. It brought together the best League of Legends players.

The International is another competition which regularly attracts millions of viewers.

It focuses on the game Dota 2. Since its release in 2012 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has risen to become another extremely popular title within the esports world.

Even though millions of people around the world tune in to watch high-profile tournaments, esports is still niche when compared to big real-world sports such as football, cricket and basketball.

For example, the 2018 FIFA World Cup attained more than 3.5 billion viewers. The website Statista has projected an increase in the popularity of esports, with an extra 100 million enthusiasts by 2025.

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counter strike logo

CS:GO – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This is a popular multiplayer tactical FPS which was first released in 2012. Since then it has become a prominent game within the world of esports. Two teams (Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists) compete in multiple game modes. Bomb Disposal and Hostage Rescue are examples often featured in competitions.

Gamblers could predict which team will win or place a more specific wager. There are currently nine different game modes. The chances of making an accurate prediction can be increased by researching the modes, maps and weapons.

Game company Valve regularly updates CS:GO. It also sponsors a high-profile tournament called the Major Championships. It has a large prize pool and regularly receives attention from the media, as well as online bookmakers.


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dota 2 logo

Dota 2

This MOBA has an exceptionally large esports scene. There are numerous professional leagues and tournaments around the world. The most well-known one is the Dota Pro Circuit. Teams that manage to accrue enough points during this competition will be invited to a grand final called the International. Prize pools have been known to exceed US$40 million. This makes Dota 2 one of the most lucrative titles for professional gamers. Gamblers can watch the event through live internet streaming services.

Teams of five need to occupy and defend bases around the game map. Special items may be picked up to use against opposing players. The team that manages to destroy an enemy structure first wins. Like many other MOBAs, it is important for teams to have a good character combination.


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LoL logo

LoL – League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the biggest MOBA titles within esports communities. The game is free to play and published by Riot Games. Players pay for character customisation. A new version called Wild Rift is available for mobile operating systems.Riot Games chose to completely remodel characters and maps instead of porting them over. Wild Rift has significantly expanded the player base. However, the original version of LoL remains dominant when it comes to esports tournaments.

In the game, two teams of five do battle whilst defending their own half of the map. Characters can power up by collecting gold and XP. The main mode for LoL is Summoner’s Rift. Each team needs to destroy enemy structures to win. Bookies may offer wagers focusing on predicting the winning team or guessing the number of structures a specific player will destroy.


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starcraft 2

Starcraft / Starcraft 2

The Starcraft series is particularly popular with players in South Korea. The vast majority of professional teams and players come from this country. The series as a whole has generated more than $1 billion. It is a real-time strategy game set in the 26th century, where alien species battle for supremacy.

The first Starcraft game was released by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998. A stealth genre spinoff called Ghost came out in 2001. Starcraft 2 was split into three different parts, with the first one being released in 2010. It incorporated 3D graphics and new physics features. Both the original Starcraft and its sequel have dominated esports betting. Starcraft: Ghost remains more niche due to the shift in gameplay.


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overwatch 2 logo

Overwatch 2 – OW2

This 2016 FPS has always had an emphasis on team gameplay. Teams are comprised of five different “heroes” with unique abilities. Those who complete a set objective or manage to push further within a limited time period win. Since its release Blizzard has added new game modes, maps and characters. Overwatch 2 has cross-platform play, and its standard version is free.

Blizzard created the Overwatch World Cup in 2016. Users are able to vote for the teams that they want to represent in different countries. BlizzCon serves as the final for this tournament. In recent years Overwatch has even overtaken LoL in terms of popularity amongst South Korean players. Blizzard has also established an international Overwatch League which has a placement structure similar to the ones seen in real-world North American sporting leagues.


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valorant esports betting


Valorant is an FPS tactical title created by Riot Games. Its gameplay is inspired by Counter-Strike and borrows several elements from it. Team deathmatch is the main mode for esports tournaments. Players control different Agents, but they all start with the same pistol. Other weapons are unlocked with in-game currency.

A year-long competition called the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) serves as the main event for gamblers to bet on this game. It begins with regional qualifying matches called Valorant Challengers. This is followed by international mid-season competitions (Valorant Masters) and a world championship.

If teams do not manage to qualify for the championship they are given another opportunity during the Last Chance Qualifiers. Despite being a more recent title Valorant has already established itself within esports. High-profile finals have taken place in Berlin and Istanbul.


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call of duty

CoD – Call of Duty

The Call of Duty series originally focused on FPS titles set during World War II. However, over the years the games have expanded to include modern and hypothetical future conflicts. This franchise was initially developed by Infinity Ward before being taken over by Sledgehammer Games.

These games have been utilised in esports tournaments since 2006. There are different Major League Gaming competitions for specific CoD titles. These include Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, World at War and Ghosts.

In each tournament, there are ladders that winning teams ascend in order to reach the final. Each ladder differs by in-game settings and regulations. Gamblers can determine the overall rank of a team by checking the number of ladders they have climbed.


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R6 – Rainbow Six

Since its emergence in 1998, the Rainbow Six series has brought out several new titles. Esports tournaments tend to feature the most recent instalments such as Siege and Extraction. It is a tactical FPS with cooperative multiplayer gameplay. Like many other esports games, teamwork is the key to winning matches. Gamblers will need to look for players which can work together as a unit.

Tournaments may allow players to control characters either with an analogue stick or mouse and keyboard. Recently the developers Ubisoft have announced their intentions to bring the series onto mobile platforms. When this happens it could open up a new way for professionals to compete.

The gameplay of Rainbow Six is asymmetrical. Some characters have more powerful abilities than others, and this can give them an edge during matches. The main game modes for Rainbow Six Siege in esports are Hostage, Bomb, Secure Area and Tactical Realism.


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rocket league esports betting

Rocket League

Rocket League has gameplay similar to a standard football game. The difference is that players control rocket-powered cars. There are eight players on each team. They need to drive around the pitch and manoeuvre a ball into their opponent’s goal. Gamblers will notice that esports betting markets for Rocket League offer bet types similar to the ones seen in standard football.

There have been recent updates to Rocket League, allowing core rules to be modified. However, the Rocket League Championship Series uses the original mode. It has existed since 2016. Major game conventions sometimes run smaller community-led tournaments. Prize pools for the RLCS are in the $100,000+ range. To qualify teams first need to excel in regionals.


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heroes of the storm logo

HotS – Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA which brings together numerous characters from different franchises from Blizzard Entertainment. It is a crossover between Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and Overwatch. All of these games already have fanbases within esports betting. Therefore, HotS has a fairly large appeal.

Game matches usually last 20 minutes. During that time 5-versus-5 battles occur. There are several themed battlegrounds which feature secondary objectives, as well as a metagame. Completing these will give the players significant advantages such as pushing power increases. Characters also become more powerful throughout the match if they accrue enough XP points. “Talents” may be unlocked by players who unlocks new abilities or improve existing ones.


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fifa game logo esports betting


FIFA is one of the fastest-growing games within esports betting, partly because many fans around the globe recently discovered that you can actually bet on the games.

If gamblers have experience betting on real-world football matches then they can utilise this insight when making FIFA wagers. Guinness World Records has listed FIFA as the highest-selling sports franchise in video game history. It is popular with professional gamers globally. New instalments tend to be released on an annual basis. Updates can occur in order to mimic developments in real association football.

Developers EA runs the FIFA Global Series, which brings together the highest-performing players. Matches can either be single-player or team-based. The FIFA game series is well known for its realistic depiction of football matches. Tournament winners need to have fast reflexes and a good strategy. Utilising the right combination of digital football champions is another important skill.


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apex legends logo esports game

Apex Legends

This is a hero shooter which takes place in a battle royale setting. It was developed by Respawn Entertainment and EA. There are console and mobile versions of Apex Legends, as well as cross-platform play. There are squads made up of two to three players.

They control “Legend” characters, each with a special ability. In the standard Battle Royale mode twenty to thirty squads spawn on an island map where they need to search for supplies and weapons. They must then defeat all of the opposing players.

Like many other games of this genre, the map shrinks over time. This forces confrontation between the squads. The last team left standing wins. There is also an Arena mode, which is similar to a deathmatch. Squads fight in a series of rounds until one of them gains enough points.

In 2019 the EXP Pro-Am Apex Legends Exhibition was created. However, there have been delays in establishing similar Apex Legends leagues. It is possible that in the near future, this game will become more prominent within esports.


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pubg esport betting

PUBG – Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds

PUBG: Battlegrounds takes a less cartoonish approach to the battle royale format. One hundred players are dropped onto a map where they scavenge items in order to gain an edge. Players are usually placed into small teams. The final surviving player or team wins.

This game may be played in a third or first-person perspective. It is possible to switch between these modes during a match. The former is better for having a clearer view of the overall area. Meanwhile, the latter can increase shooting accuracy.

The first PUBG esports event took place in 2017 and was broadcast over Twitch. That same year Gamescom attempted to hold a 100-player tournament. However, there are logistical issues with this format. It is difficult for spectators to focus on one particular player.

Furthermore, bookies and gamblers can find it hard to determine strong contenders in such a large pool of participants. There are elements of chance to consider, such as the random nature of item spawns. Greater success has been made by hosting matches with 20 teams made up of 80 players.


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fortnite logo


In terms of sales and the number of players, Fortnite is the biggest battle royale game. However, there are other titles in this genre with higher profiles when it comes to esports competitions. Developers Epic Games hosts a Fortnite competition. There are numerous other small ones for gamblers to place wagers on.

Fortnite competitions may use three distinct game modes. Each utilises the same engine with shared models, mechanics and graphics. Therefore, professionals can transfer their skills from one mode to another. In Save the World mode four players work together in order to achieve objectives whilst being attacked by NPCs.

Battle Royale mode shares many traits with PUBG. There is also Fortnite Creative mode, which contains sandbox elements. It allows more amateur tournament hosts to come up with innovative styles of play. However, it is less common in professional leagues.


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NBA 2K is another series which has been lauded for its simulation of sports. In this case, basketball games are depicted. It specifically emulates the National Basketball Association. 2K Sports is its current publisher. There are 23 main instalments. Esports competitions will often focus on the most current ones. The games are available across eighteen platforms.

In 2018 the NBA and Take-Two Interactive launched an official league. The NBA 2K League is the first of its kind to be operated by a real-world North American sports organisation. It deliberately shares the same structure as actual NBA tournaments. One member of each team is required to only use their “MyPlayer”, a digital player that they have created and developed. There is a regular season with playoffs and a grand final.


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brawl stars esports game betting

Brawl Stars

In this third-person MOBA, players control a selection of “Brawler” characters. They compete against other players or NPCs. New Brawlers may be unlocked by using an in-game credit system. This game has received less attention than other mainstream titles within the esports community. The most well-known tournament is the Brawl Stars Championship, which consists of monthly challenges. Players attempt to win fifteen matches in five separate modes. They cannot qualify if they lose three matches.

Once the fifteen-win threshold has been reached the player proceeds to regional qualifier events. Eventually, it is possible to get to the World Finals. The first-ever Brawl Stars World Championship took place in 2019. The prize pool was $250,000. This grew to $1 million in 2020.


brawl stars esports game

mobile legends bang bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang NEW

Gamblers less interested in console or PC esports might prefer Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It is a MOBA played on mobile operating systems iOS and Android. Moonton released it in 2016. The game is particularly popular with professional players in Southeast Asia.

Two teams of five face off in real-time matches which usually last under ten minutes. Players fight through three lanes while attacking enemy towers and defending their own. No levelling up is involved. Instead, the best players rely on skill and strategy.

There are regional tournaments throughout Asia. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championships (AKA M-Series) serves as the finals. It takes place annually. If gamblers want to gain more insight they can learn about the seven different character ranks.


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Game Categories

Here are the different categories of esports games that most betting sites offer bets for.

FPS – First-Person Shooters

This subgenre focuses on gun-based combat. The player experiences the action through the perspective of their character. Within the esports world players tend to favour a keyboard and mouse over console controllers during FPS competitions. This is due to more efficient ergonomics. FPS matches may be team-based or pit each individual player against each other.

TPS – Third-Person Shooters

TPS games share many similarities with first-person shooters. The difference is the player’s perspective. In a TPS match the character is visible on screen. The player can rotate the camera and see a full 360-degree view of the map. This greater level of visibility allows them to more easily spot enemies.

MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

A type of strategy game where two teams compete on a battlefield map. Each character has unique abilities, and the right team combination is required to gain an edge. Objectives can vary. It usually involves defeating an enemy structure or winning a team death match.

Real-Time Strategy Games

Unlike standard strategy games, RTS matches do not progress in turns. Instead, each player may perform actions simultaneously. Therefore speedy response is a key skill to have. The user interfaces for an RTS may be very complex. Clicking and dragging is the most common example. Players tend to favour mice over analogue sticks.

Sports Games

As the name suggests this genre simulates real-world sports. Some titles place an emphasis on pitch-based action. Others focus on team management and strategy. Football, basketball and car racing are extremely popular sports depicted in mainstream esports tournaments.

Fighting Games

Two or more players control characters who fight each other in a fixed-size arena. The mechanics of the game can include combos, blocking, counter-attacking and chain damage. Hand-to-hand combat, such as martial arts is a common feature. In many games of this type, the winner reduces the health of their foe until they are defeated.

Strategic Card Games

It is a mistake to assume that this genre relates to casino games such as blackjack and poker. Instead, it emulates collectable trading card games via a digital tabletop. Sometimes the cards depict characters and creatures which can be pitted against each other. Cards may also contain special abilities, armour or weapons. Their digital nature means that the cards are dynamic rather than static. For example, over the course of a game, a creature card can have its health diminished and restored in between rounds.

How Many Esports Games Are There?

It is difficult to determine the exact number. As early as 1980 there was a competition focused on Space Invaders. It can be seen as the very first esports tournament. Since then the number of game events has increased. When all of the main genres are taken into account there are at least 56+ esports games currently being played and bet on.

There is a correlation between the growth of esports and the development of broadband internet, online video content sites and more advanced online gaming servers. It is a fairly recent phenomenon. Within the last decade, more bookmaker websites have opened up markets for esports events. This is likely to continue into 2030.


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