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About the game

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a first person shooter that was published in mid-2012 by Valve Corporation. The objective of a map is to finish with more round wins than the enemy team. The game has a very long history, having started as a Half-Life mod in 1999.

Gameplay and objectives

In every match there are two teams with five players each, the gameplay is asymmetric: Team A has to play as terrorists, whose objective is to either kill all the counter-terrorists or blow up one of two bombsites by planting a bomb there and successfully defending it for 35 seconds. Team B, who start as counter-terrorists has to kill all the terrorists before they plant a bomb, prevent the terrorists from planting it, or by defuse it after it has been planted. After 15 rounds the teams swap sides: Team A will play as counter-terrorists and Team B will play as terrorists.

The first team to reach 16 rounds won, wins the map. In case of a 15-15 draw, six overtime rounds are played, three as one side and three as the other. The overtimes can repeat until one team wins four out of the six bonus rounds.
Every time a player gets killed they stay dead until the beginning of next round. Economy is a very important aspect of the game, winning and losing rounds give different amounts of money, which can be used to buy better weapons, grenades or kevlar vests and helmets.

Esport rules

The rules vary between tournaments; however, major ones are usually the same or at least similar. There are 7 maps in a tournament map pool, most recently they have been: Overpass, Cobblestone, Nuke, Cache, Mirage, Inferno and Train. In general tournaments begin with a group stage of 16 teams in the Swiss system format, where teams play other teams with the same score as them. Every match in the group stage is a best of one, meaning only one map gets played. Teams that have 3 wins qualify to the playoffs and teams that have 3 losses are eliminated.

8 teams qualify to the playoffs, which usually follow a simple single elimination ladder structure. All the matches are played in a best-of-three format: a team has to win two maps to move on further in the bracket.

In the group stage, the map and starting sides are decided in one of two ways:

Way 1 Way 2
Team A bans a map Team A bans 2 maps
Team B bans a map Team B bans 3 maps
Team A bans a map Team A picks the map to be played from the two remaining maps
Team B bans a map Team B picks the starting sides
Team A bans a map
Map is randomized from the two remaining maps
Team B picks the starting sides

Team B picks the starting sides

In the playoffs the map veto goes as follows:

Team A bans a map
Team B bans a map
Team A picks a map
Team B picks a map
Team B bans a map
Team A bans a map
Last map remaining is the map to be played in case of a 1-1

In both cases the map pool consists of seven maps.

Betting difficulties

Betting on CS:GO can be difficult at times, especially during group stages, as the matches are in the best-of-one format, meaning that upsets are far more likely to happen compared to best-of-three series. Another thing to note is that it’s a very form dependent game, even though a team might have been doing well in recent times, their form could just decrease right before the next tournament and they can lose matches to teams, which usually they would beat.

CS:GO betting sites

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