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If you have ever played Counter-Strike, then you probably know what CrossFire is as these two games have a lot in common. Having been developed in Korea, CrossFire is a first-person shooter game, which is very popular, especially in East Asia. Although many people think that Counter-Strike is the most popular FPS, CrossFire, in fact, has more players and fans than any other FPS around the world. The game was developed by TenCent, and it is designed to be played on PC. It comes with multiple modes, which can be played by up to 16 players.

Rules and Objectives

In CrossFire, two sides, known as the Global List and the Black List, compete against each other. The side that garners more points than the opponent wins the game. To better understand the rules and objectives of CrossFire, it is important to look at the different modes of the game.

Search and Destroy

In this mode, players have access to only one life. The objective of Black List is to set a bomb, while Global Risk aims to prevent the opponents from planting the bomb. This high-pressure game comes to an end once the bomb is planted successfully, all the opponents are eliminated, or when the timer runs out.


This is a very popular CrossFire mode, where players’ access to weapons is very limited. Respawns are not common here either- you will see some players using only melee weapons to spawn. Elimination is extremely tactical and this is a super tense mode where nail-biting conflicts rule.

Team Deathmatch

It is a classic mode where two teams, each of which has up to 8 players, compete in racking up skills. The winning team is the one which reaches the points threshold first or garners the most skills by the time the timer runs out.

CrossFire Events

Despite being one of the most played FPS games worldwide, CrossFire events tend to be less frequent than those of other FPS games. The events are also typically associated with smaller pools of prizes, even though this is seemingly changing slowly. For purposes of betting, you will definitely want to be on the lookout for the events as well as the participants. The following are some of the biggest events in the circles of CrossFire esports.

CrossFire Invitationals

As the name suggests, CrossFire Invitationals are one-off events accessible by invites only. Currently (as of 2019), they are held in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Brazil. The organization and coordination of these events is the responsibility of event organizers and publishers. One interesting thing about them is that they come with significant bragging rights.

CrossFire Stars

A worldwide event where teams compete at regional level before progressing to grand finals, which involves teams from all over the world. The grand finals winner becomes the overall champion of the tournament. There is a pool of prizes to be won at these finals.

CrossFire Pro League

This league, which is also known as the CrossFire Elite League in countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, and The Philippines, is a group of professional CrossFire teams, which battle it out for the title. The league runs two times every year, and it consists of both first and second divisions.

Where to Bet on CrossFire

Depending on the esports bookmaker you’re betting at and the tournament you’re betting on, CrossFire offers a world of winning opportunities that are worth grabbing. The odds are good, and there are several different bet types to choose from. If betting on CrossFire is your thing, then you have dozens of sites where you can actualize your betting enthusiasm. The sites include Buff88, Arcanebet, Betway, GG.Bet, and Vulkanbet, to name but a few.


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