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Artifact is an exciting esport game which can be enjoyed on many different levels. The information here will inform you as to what it is all about, along with everything you will want to know about betting on this great game.

About the Game

Valve Corporation is the company responsible for developing and publishing this game. It is a digital collectible card game. The concept of the game comes from another one of Valve’s, which is the Universe of Dota 2. Artifact is a multiplayer game only but does have a single player mode which acts as the tutorial.

Gameplay and Objectives

Artifact is a little more complex than some of the other games, as it is transforming a lot of what Dota 2 has to offer into a card game. It is played across three boards which are called lanes. The game takes place between the online player and player battles.

Each of the lanes has its own tower. Players have the option of destroying two towers or destroying a tower and destroying an ancient.

At the start of a match, three of each team’s heroes will be standing on each of the three lanes. Along with them will be a few creeps. As the game starts, teams will be dealt with five random cards from the deck itself, and the first round begins.

The objective at this point is to use these cards in some way to get new creeps for the lane. Also, to help power up attacks and gain some new abilities. Once the actions are complete, then the creeps and heroes will go into battle. They may hit the cards in the front of them, or they may make a direct hit on the tower for that lane. A round is comprised of the completion of the action series that will take place on each lane. Before a new round starts, each team will get three random cards.

Esports Rules

The rules for the gameplay of Artifact are pretty simple. There are some rules or guidelines for those who want to arrange a tournament. There are options which any player can use to create as many tournaments as they want. Players can create one-day tournaments or events that are spread over several days.

Being as Artifact was only introduced in late 2018, there have not been any formal tournaments as yet to allow for some betting action. However, many of the top esports betting sites are getting geared up for the betting action which will take place on Artifact. Some of the sites that will be offering betting opportunities are:

  • Drcane Bet
  • GGBet
  • bet365
  • Pinnacle
  • IBet
  • Bovada
  • Bodog

Some exciting news which has been released is that there will be a $1 million Artifact tournament held in 2019. This is a tournament that will be sponsored by Valve. None of the specific details has been released as yet, but the popularity of Artifact is definitely on the rise. Anticipation is sure to grow among players, spectators and bettors alike, as the game proceeds, and new tournament details are released.

Betting Information

As the esports betting industry is getting set up to offer some exciting betting platforms for Artifact, the betting markets are being anticipated. These will include options for betting on:

  • The match winner
  • The first tower to be destroyed
  • The overall tournament winner

Some tips for those people who are going to enjoy placing some bets on this exciting game would be as follows:

Learn the basics of the game, so you can forecast where the most significant challenges will be.
Study the odds of the bookies carefully to see where they are coming from.
Identify who the top challenging performers are for the game, in each team of the tournament being bet on.
Even if you are not betting on every game, try and watch as many as possible, to learn more about the gameplay and the players themselves.

Although this is a new game, it is one which holds great promise for being on the list of most popular games.


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