Who are we?

eSportsbetting.gg is THE place for you who love eSports and betting on all the great games that are literally exploding all over the world. We are a bunch of driven guys that thought that it would be a great idea to run a website where we share everything we know about eSports betting and the betting sites that offers these odds. Why? It’s simple!

  • We love eSports and gaming and we play and bet all the time!
  • We have a long experience in betting and not just within eSports.
  • We work within iGaming for a living and we know a lot of stuff that you simply don’t.

And who are we?


Jarhead – Founder and Betting Expert

Jarhead is the founder of eSportsbetting.gg and a marketing specialist, with over 15 years of experience in marketing and as project leader within gaming and online gambling.

The stakes throughout the years have also been many, where you definitely could say that he’s on the profit side.

This guy grew up with gaming and experienced the very first hits on iconic SEGA, Nintento NES, Commodore 64/128, Atari, Amiga 500 and gaming on his very first PC – a 286 beast where he ruled in Ultima V. Jarhead’s favourite games, where he has deep knowledge to share are Overwatch, Apex Legends, Rocket League and Hearthstone.


Zimpstar – Chief Editor and Expert Analyst

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault back in 2002, developed an obsession for competitive gaming, and gave birth to Zimpstar, a professional esports player and a well-known name to many, especially SMITE fans.

But he has reached the very top as a player in more than just one game. In fact, “Zimp” has managed to rank at the very top in six different game titles, and he has an impressive list of achievements and titles, both as a coach and a player.


◾️ 5th place in the 2014 EU Regional Championship

◾️ 3rd place in the 2014 TSM Invitational

◾️ SMITE Grand Master Season 3-4

◾️ LoL Challenger

◾️ CS:GO Global Elite

◾️ HotS Grand Master

◾️ OW Grand Master

◾️ Top 0.1% on the Quake Live ladder


◾️ 3rd in the SMITE Pro League EU Season 1

◾️ 3rd in the SPL EU Kick-Off LAN -2014

◾️ Winner of the 2014 SMITE Launch Tournament
Zimpstar has been coaching several professional esports players and teams, like TRIG eSports and TSM – Team SoloMid.

During the SMITE World Championship 2015 and SMITE Masters 2016, Zimpstar also featured as a caster and analyst.

team solomid logo icon trig esports logotype

Today, ”Zimp” share his unquestionable expertise within Esportsbetting.gg, through high-value betting tips and predictions for many of the biggest esports events.


KennyPowers – Betting Expert and Editor

KennyPowers is a man of many talents, like being a Danish freestyle rapper with a bachelor’s degree in Language and International Studies, English (LISE) from Aalborg University. Currently residing in Malta working as a SEO Executive for a big bookmaker, he offers a lot of insight into the gambling industry. He is also very well informed about the newest developments in FIFA and CS:GO.


SilentWill – Technical Expert and Developer

SilentWill is the creative tech guy that actually built this amazing creation all by himself. When he doesn’t dig into the code and do his magic, he loves to chill in his crib in the south-eastern part of Sweden, brewing his own beer and playing FIFA or CS:GO. SilentWill is not the guy you gonna see a lot of on this site, he’s behind it, doing his magic so that you get the best possible experience.


Onedubleo – Tipster and Editor

Onedoubleo is a Physics graduate and a keen player of 4X games. He can still be found trying to race Gandhi to nukes in the newest Civilisation or going back to the older classics like Heroes of Might and Magic. Or else spending hours deck building in Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering: Arena. Though he still finds plenty of time to try not feed in League of Legends.

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