Online Gambling: Analysis of growing industry

Gambling is increasingly shifting to the Internet. But how did the industry manage to shift the business to the computer? There are many reasons that speak for playing in an online casino, for example, that betting online is possible at any time of the day. Users do not have to leave the house but can play from the comfort of their sofa. Since more and more people now own a cell phone, almost everyone has access to online gambling anytime and anywhere.

How long has gambling existed on the Internet?

In 1996, there was the first consideration to offer slot machines on the Internet. It was not long before the first online casinos were opened. However, the offer could not establish itself for a long time. In the past, not many people had a computer or a cell phone. In addition, the Internet was not mature for a long time. So there was no reason to use online casinos. For a long time, physical arcades were much more popular. But nowadays, even the risk of being addicted to the internet exists.

However, in recent years, this situation has changed. Meanwhile, the number of people with access to the Internet has increased significantly. The technologies used have also developed over the past few years. Nowadays, the Internet is an important part of our everyday lives.

Gambling providers have also recognized this development. More and more platforms for online gambling are therefore being opened.

What are the advantages of online casinos?

Of course, the advances of the Internet are not enough to increase the popularity of online casinos. However, unlike the physical gambling halls, the casinos on the Internet have many advantages.

Those who play in the online casino can make many more decisions themselves. In an arcade, there are only a limited number of machines, which do not offer all games. In the online casino, on the other hand, the user has the choice between a hundred different slots. The atmosphere is also completely different. In an arcade, it is often very noisy because all the machines are occupied. Those who play from home have their peace and quiet. In addition, the volume or brightness of the slot machine can be adjusted more individually.

Vending machines are often devices that are manufactured directly by the game developer. Therefore, in arcades, they are usually equipped with a limited number of slots. On the Internet, on the other hand, the computer acts as the machine. The providers only have to acquire the licenses of the individual game developers before they can provide the slots.
Therefore, the selection on the Internet is much larger than in physical arcades.

Online welcome bonus

Running an online platform for gambling is significantly more efficient than running an arcade. This is due to the fact that such providers do not have to pay rent. Although the servers for the website also cost money, significantly more customers can be addressed. After all, a city only has a limited number of inhabitants, whereas the Internet can be accessed by almost anyone.

The number of employees also differs significantly. Although online casinos have to pay more employees, compared to the number of customers, there are fewer employees than at an arcade. Also, electricity for real machines does not have to be paid at an online casino. Overall, it can be said that Internet casinos work much more efficiently.

This leads to the fact that the providers can give something back to their users. Thus, it is common in the industry that new customers receive a bonus on the first deposit. But also for existing customers, there are always promotions where free bonuses are given out. In physical gaming halls, there is no such system. No one doubles their own balance here when they enter the store. This bonus for the deposit, as well as other bonuses, are a reason to choose online casinos.

Advertising becomes more and more present

There is another big factor in the popularity of online casinos. Due to the increasing use of the Internet, it is also becoming more and more interesting as an advertising space. Since online casinos offer their services on the Internet, it is no wonder that they use it as their primary advertising space.

For physical gambling halls, on the other hand, there is rarely any advertising. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are becoming aware of online casinos due to the increase in advertising.

Better comparison possibilities

Thanks to the Internet, it is now also possible to compare the various providers. After a brief search, anyone can find reviews comparing the individual features of the platforms. Rating portals also allow users to check in advance what other customers’ experiences were like on the betting websites in question.

Are online casinos the future of gambling?

Our lives are increasingly taking place on the Internet. So it wouldn’t be surprising if physical arcades disappear completely over time. It is simply much more convenient to be able to play slots from home. Thus, the long distances to the arcades no longer have to be overcome. In addition, online casinos usually have a support staff that is available around the clock. These employees often replace the supervisor in real gambling halls. The welcome bonus is also a clear argument for gambling on the Internet.


Written by Jarhead

Jarhead is the founder of and works as a marketing specialist within iGaming. This guy grew up with gaming and experienced the very first hits on iconic SEGA, Nintendo NES, Commodore 64/128, Atari, Amiga 500 and gaming on his very first PC - a 286 beast where he ruled in Ultima V. Jarhead's favourite games and skills are in Overwatch, Rocket League and Hearthstone.


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