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Betting on esports has become more and more popular in the last few years, and you surely didn’t miss that. It is also one of the fastest growing markets in the gambling industry at the moment, and it’s of course growing in most countries around the world.

But would you have guessed that Sweden is the country where CS:GO betting is the most popular by capita?

USA 7000 38% 333 M
UK 3300 18% 68 M
Canada 1500 8% 38 M
Sweden 1100 6% 10 M
Australia 700 3% 26 M
Germany 600 3% 84 M


= Monthly Google searches in the country.
= % of monthly searches globally.
= Country population

This data shows that Sweden has the most people per capita, showing interest in betting on CS:GO, with 1100 monthly searches for CS:GO betting, among only 10 million people.


Sweden is bigger than you think

Sweden was from the very start of esports, one of the strongholds that helped a lot to make it become an accepted sport. With universities that offer esports programs and that is hosting many big esports events, the little country that we rarely hear about has made a big impact in the world of esports.

But very few could probably imagine how popular betting on esports is in this little country. Despite being one of the biggest countries in Europe, by area, there is only a population of 10 million people, which makes this whole scenario quite fascinating.

Quick facts about Sweden

Country area: 450 000 km²
(3,5 times bigger than England)

Population: Roughly 10 million
(1/6 of England population)

Capital: Stockholm (1,5 million)
(1/6 of London population)

Globally known for:
IKEA, Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), Volvo, Electrolux, Spotify, meatballs and much more.

Swedish esports organisations:
Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP), Alliance, Godsent, Begrip Gaming, Lemondogs, Planet Odd, Granit Gaming.


Top teams and big events

Esports has always been a big phenomenon in Sweden and the country was one of the first where esports was established in a wider sense.

One of the most important institutions for esports in Sweden is of course Dreamhack, which takes place at Elmia in Jönköping every year. It is one of the biggest LAN events with over 10 000 computers connected to the same network. Dreamhack is also probably one of the reasons why esports is so popular in Sweden.

Over the years a number of esports teams from Sweden, such as Alliance, Godsent and Ninjas in Pyjamas, have had great success on the international gaming scene. Ninjas in Pyjamas has for example won big tournaments in CS:GO, such as Dreamhack Winter and ESL Cologne.


550 000 Swedish CS:GO players

CS:GO, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which is the full name, is also one of the most popular games in esports, especially in Sweden.

According to Leetify, a statistics site for esports, Sweden has among the highest number of CS:GO players per capita. There are around 55 000 CS:GO players per 1 million citizens in Sweden, which means that there are a total of around 550 000 Swedish players. Per capita, Sweden has the 6th highest rate of CS:GO players.

Denmark tops the list with almost 79 000 CS:GO players per 1 million citizens, which means that nearly 8 per cent of the Danish population plays CS:GO. Close behind Denmark comes Estonia and Finland with around 77 000 CS:GO players per million.



Sweden tops CS:GO betting

CS:GO is of course a popular esports game when it comes to betting. Many betting sites are offering odds on CS:GO and other games in esports such as Dota 2, Starcraft and League of Legends, which are also huge esports games around the globe. But in total, CS:GO is the biggest and Sweden is even here, the country with the most bettors per capita.


Is interest for CS:GO declining?

When esports betting was introduced a few years ago the Google searches for ”csgo betting” were at a very high rate all over the world, especially in 2017. However, according to Google Trends, it has declined drastically in the last years, in many countries. Sweden shows a very drastic decline in Google searches for CS:GO betting, but it’s unclear why that is.


csgo betting search history
Screenshot from Google trends that shows search trends for “CS:GO betting” in the US.


In many other countries, the interest for CS:GO and betting on Google is still going strong.

In the US, the Google searches for ”csgo betting” also declined after 2017, but is now steadily increasing, which is not surprising since online betting is now becoming legal in state after state. Among those are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois and Nevada. Even more states are expected to legalize online betting within the next few years.


Another country that also has seen an increase in Google search for ”csgo betting” is the UK, which also has the second most searches for ”CS:GO betting” in total behind the US.

us searches for csgo betting
Screenshot from Google trends that shows search trends for “CS:GO betting” in the UK.


If you count per capita Sweden is still at the top when it comes to interest and searches for ”CS:GO betting sites”, with about 100 searches per million on a monthly basis. For the US and the UK the same number is 20 respectively 47 searches per million per month.

If we look at the country with the most CS:GO players in the world, Denmark, the searches for ”CS:GO betting sites” stands at 52 searches per million per month. But just like in Sweden the searches have declined drastically in the last few years.

See the best CS:GO betting sites in our guide that also give you game info, fixtures and predictions.


Betting regulations change the markets

Over the last few years, the betting market in Sweden has gone through a big transition, through regulations and licensing systems that have made the Swedish people look for unlicensed gambling sites. On January 1, 2019, a new betting law came into effect which regulated the Swedish betting market in a whole new way.

Now the market is legally open for other companies than just the governmental betting company, Svenska Spel, which by law, have had a monopoly on betting in Sweden. However, this has led to an increased interest in unlicensed gambling sites, and the bettors are doing basically everything they can to get around the system, with the help of sites like and many more.

Other betting companies had a tough time, being active on the Swedish betting market long before that. Since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Swedes have been able to bet online at many different betting sites, perfectly legal and with tax-free winnings.

Even though it was officially illegal for foreign betting companies to be active in Sweden, the law wasn’t really enforced by the authorities since the gambling companies had gambling licenses within the EU and therefore, they were perfectly legit according to EU law.


New Swedish gambling law

But after the new Swedish betting law that came into effect in 2019, it became legal for any company to offer online gambling in Sweden, but to do so a license is required. To obtain and keep a license the betting companies must follow certain rules, such as prevent gambling abuse through a tool that is called ”Spelpaus”. The betting companies must also pay 18 per cent in tax on their profit.

There is also a limitation on bonuses for companies with a Swedish gambling license. At the moment betting companies are only allowed to give away a bonus of a maximum 100 SEK per customer and per license, which is equivalent to about 10 euros. This means that there is more than one betting site operating under the same license, and you can only claim a bonus from one of them.

Still fully legal

As for betting companies without a gambling license, operating in the Swedish market, it’s not illegal for Swedish bettors to use betting sites that don’t have a gambling license. But according to Swedish authorities, betting on a site without a license is not as secure as betting on a site with a license.

Sites without a license, are not connected to the Swedish self-exclusion tool, called Spelpaus and you can’t register and log in with BankID, which is an electronic identification tool widely used in Sweden.

On the other hand, there are a few advantages to using betting sites without a license as well. Mainly the bonuses are not limited and you can obtain them more than once. At the same time, there are no limitations for deposits or bets.

Quick summary

What this article is trying to point out, is that esports is such a young sport, that even a small country can quickly become big within it. With new games and increased interest all over the globe, we will see more countries become big within the sport, and we will see much more from the betting companies.

We expect quite a lot of creativity in the coming years, where esports will even be the leading sport that takes online betting to the next level. We have just seen the tip of the ice berg, so just hold on!.


Written by Jarhead

Jarhead is the founder of and works as a marketing specialist within iGaming. This guy grew up with gaming and experienced the very first hits on iconic SEGA, Nintendo NES, Commodore 64/128, Atari, Amiga 500 and gaming on his very first PC - a 286 beast where he ruled in Ultima V. Jarhead's favourite games and skills are in Overwatch, Rocket League and Hearthstone.


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