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Value for your betting helps you to get more out of your esports bets. Check schedules, odds, predictions, browse the best esports betting sites and read comprehensive reviews about them. is driven by a hardworking team of betting experts, esports enthusiasts and former pro players. We all share the same passion for gaming and esports, along with experience, knowledge and great interest in betting. With our combined skills and knowledge within different games, we strive to provide great content that will be valuable for you and your esports bets.


Betting Guides for Each Game

We give you guides, odds and up-to-date information for each game, including a thorough description of the match structures as well as the gambling sites that offer bets for each game. And we will never stop expanding the site and sharing our knowledge, to provide you with great content that makes your esports betting easier and more profitable.

We Are Global

Esports is global and so are we! However, before you start with online betting, you need to make sure that it’s legal in your country. Many betting sites have long lists of country restrictions, so you also need to make sure that the betting site you choose, welcomes customers from your country. Read our sportsbook reviews to see all the restricted countries for each betting site. Read more about laws and regulations further down on this page.

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We aim to be your only destination for everything esports betting-related, a place that you visit regularly to get the best out of your betting. It does not matter whether you are an expert or a beginner that needs guidance to get started.

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  • Up to date odds for the most popular games
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“The purpose of, is to be the first stop before you place your esports bets.

That’s why WE strive to GIVE more VALUE, and hopefully make your gambling successful.”


The biggest games for esports betting

There is a vast number of games within esports that few know about and the popularity varies a lot between the continents and the countries around the world. Globally, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – CS:GO, is the biggest game within esports betting. But some countries have a huge audience that bets more on other games. is a global guide and portal for everyone, no matter which country you are from.

A very fun and exciting thing about esports betting is that there is always a new game right around the corner, and new ways to bet on odds and matches. Add the fact that you can live bet and stream most of the matches for free at several of the esports betting sites.

Check our menu to see all the games that we cover, that are highly popular in specific countries around the globe.

Top games right now

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Call of Duty
  • Overwatch
  • Fortnite
  • PUBG
  • Hearthstone
  • Rainbow Six
  • Heroes of The Storm
  • Starcraft 1 & 2
  • Rocket League


Esports betting guides for beginners

If you are new to gambling on esports, we offer you comprehensive betting guides so that you can get started in the best possible way and avoid common mistakes. Don’t miss our more game guides, where you find schedules, odds, betting tips and bookmakers that offer odds on each specific game.

If you want to know more about the betting sites we promote, you can also read our bookmaker reviews. We deep dive into their platforms to find out exactly how good they are and with our experience, we know what to look for when it comes to finding the best place to bet on esports.

The content we provide will help you choose the best site depending on bonuses, games, payments, features and much more.


Check Restrictions, Laws and Regulations

Gambling is not legal in all countries, states and territories around the world, and the laws, rules and regulations vary a lot. There might be restrictions for gambling in general, for you specifically and/or for certain betting sites. When you are going to start betting on esports online, we therefore recommend that you go through the checklist below, to make sure that you are allowed to gamble and to place esports bets at online sportsbooks.

1. Is online gambling legal in your country?

The country you live in, might have laws against physical casinos and betting shops, also called High Street Bookmakers. It can also be illegal with certain categories of gambling. As an example, it can be legal with betting on esports and other sports, bingo, lotto and more, but illegal when it comes to online casino games. It can even be as tricky as a law against a specific game, like in Spain, where it’s legal with Live Roulette, but not Live BlackJack.

2. Are you old enough to bet?

Basically, all countries have age restrictions when it comes to betting of any kind. The most common age limit is 18+ years of age, but the limit can also be set to higher ages. It’s important that you make sure what age restrictions there are in your country before you try to start betting on esports.

3. Is your country regulated?

Even if it’s fully legal to bet online in your country, you might not be able to register at some betting sites. In some cases, you can register at any betting site, but the authorities might not protect you and they can claim tax on your winnings. If your country is regulated and has a licensing system for betting companies, you should make sure that you know the laws for you, as a player.

Examples of countries with licensing systems are United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and more. Among these, Sweden is a prime example of how complicated the laws and the regulations can be for you as a player.

It’s illegal for betting companies to operate in the Swedish market. However, “operating” in Sweden illegally, means that a betting site without a license is not allowed to have a version of the sportsbook in the Swedish language, with the Swedish currency, and clearly targets Swedish people.

Gambling sites without license

You as a player can practically bet wherever you want if you live in Sweden, often tax-free too, depending on which unlicensed site it is. It has even become popular there to bet at unlicensed betting sites, for the simple reason that unlicensed betting sites are not limited in any way by the Swedish gambling authorities. The betting sites with a Swedish license must limit their customers when it comes to deposits, losses and bonuses. This have boosted the growing trend among Swedish people to look for betting sites and casinos without a license.

There are even Swedish casino portals that list unlicensed sites, like


Do your homework about the laws, regulations and taxes that applies to your country

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