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About esports betting

Like all sports in the world there is often an interest for betting money on your favorite player or game; this is not different for esports. Unfortunately there hasn’t really been a platform to bet money online until recently. This is something that has changed drastically the past couple of years and there has been an explosion of traditional betting sites entering the Esports market. This is mainly due to the huge followings and popularities of these Esports games.

We cover all the biggest games

The games which have the largest followings currently, and which have the most odds availiable by betting sites, are Counter-Strike GO, DOTA 2, League of Legens, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Starcraft 2. The fun thing about esports betting is that there is always a new game around the corner and a new way to bet on the games. Add the fact that you can view most of the games for free on twitch and you will have endless amounts of entertainment following your favorite games.

Specialized and big betting sites

The larger betting sites rarely offer specialized betting; such as who wins what round or who gets the first kill in a game. For this type of betting you need to play on the more esports orientated betting sites such as,,, and others. This however, is changing as the popularity of esports betting keeps increasing resulting in the tradional betting sites offering more and more odds. The future is bright for esports betting and we believe it will only grow larger as new generations get involved in esports.

What do we offer esport betters? aims to be your only destination for everything esports betting related and it doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a beginner that needs a betting guide. We offer up to date odds and matches along with the best betting sites and odds comparisons on the market. You will find information for each game follow including a decription of each game, betting difficulties, and the betting sites that offer odds. You will also find live statistics and the current form of all teams and players to better help you decide who to bet on. Besides all of this we hope to provide you with comprehensive tips and strategies to make you a more skilled better!

About is driven by a team of esports enthusiasts and ex pro players who have a passion for gaming along with a strong interest in betting. With our skill and high level of insight we hope to bring you a website that can help you make smart bets and find the best odds on the market.